Boredom and Burnout

Documenting the snippets of real time experiences the essay confronts the relations and tensions of Space, Quarantine and Architecture. Isolation and social distancing makes the intrusion of screens in our lives more evident. Boredom and burnout are two contradictory emotions that enter the space of the bedroom. They co-exist in this generative space where information is plenty, distance is shortened and the spatial boundaries are mitigated.

Visual Essay by Shaiwanti Gupta and Santiago Ardila
“How many of you have a television?”

Although the physical object of the television has left many of our homes, our consumption of content has continued through the use of mostly portable devices. How have new modes of content production and consumption altered our relationship to screens, as well as the spaces we inhabit?

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Below is our guide for June 17, 2020.

PROSEMINAR: Space, Television and Architecture led by Lea-Catherine Szacka. 
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